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Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosures

Essential if you live in Florida

A pool enclosure – often referred to as a ‘bird cage’- is essential if you own a pool in Florida. They serve a variety of purposes, and are required to prevent children from accessing your pool unless you have a fence around your property that meets Florida Safety Regulations. Obviously the primary function of a pool enclosure is to keep the bugs out, but there are many other advantages they provide.

  • Keeps debris out of the pool – lowers maintenance and cost of pool care.
  • Helps keep the deck clean and lasting longer.
  • The Phifer™ screening blocks harmful UV rays.
  • Provides a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy your pool area.
  • Not only does it keep the bugs out, but it also keeps the animals, snakes, and other unwanted ‘guests’ away.
  • Can provide privacy with the use of Phifer Glass Shield™ screen (commonly known as Florida Glass), or a Scenic Screening with designs printed on the screen.
  • A properly designed and built pool enclosure adds beauty and value to your home.

Enclosure Types

Pool enclosures come in a variety of designs and configurations to suit your specific needs. All enclosures are available in White or Bronze frame.

Mansard Hip Screen Roof – The Mansard hip roof angles up from the super gutter, then has a flat center section and angles back down to the outside front wall.
Gable Hip Screen Roof – The classic Gable Hip roof angles from the super gutter to a center peak, then back down to the outside wall.
Half Mansard Screen Roof – The Half Mansard roof is generally used for homes with a very high fascia, such as 2 story homes, or heights at the house roof exceeding 12 feet. The Half Mansard is flat from the super gutter and angles down to the outside wall. This roof is usually not hipped, therefore the side walls follow the roof line.
Shed Style Angled Screen Roof – The Shed style roof is simply angled from the super gutter down to the front wall. This roof is also generally used for homes with fascia heights exceeding 12 feet and 2 story homes. These roofs are not hipped, so the side walls are angled to match the roof.
Screen & Solid Roof Combinations – Combo rooms provide the best of both worlds. These structures are designed with a combination of a 3” Composite Elite™ Roof with your choice of screen roof attached. With the combo room you can enjoy being in the screen portion over the pool, and protecting yourself from the heat and rain under the solid roof for the ultimate in comfort and functionality.

Call today for a free in-home consultation and let one of our design specialists help you create the perfect enclosure to fit your specific needs.

Re-Screening Services

Before you spend several hundred to several thousand dollars on pool enclosure repairs and rescreening consider the following… Pool Enclosure Re-Screening is one of the most hazardous jobs in the aluminum industry and it is highly recommended that you only do business with a company that is licensed, bonded and insured. Many smaller re-screening companies hire sub-contractors and pay them “by the job”, and they do not carry general liability and workman’s compensation insurance.  Make sure to ask whomever you hire to produce proof of their insurance before you sign a contract or let them begin work on your home.  The industry standard for screening is Phifer Wire, which is made in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Lesser quality materials and workmanship can drastically reduce the life of the screening. Phifer screen is woven from permanent glass yarn, coated with a protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, color and flexibility.

Sheet Rolling – Make sure you tell the contractor not to “sheet roll” the roof sections. What this means is the screen is rolled as one large “sheet” across each roof section instead of rolling the rubber spline into each cross member (purlin) to create individual panels. Sheet rolling is a common practice in the industry as it saves time and materials, but will wear out and loosen much, much quicker. Here at Accent, we NEVER sheet roll, and highly recommend against it.

Screen Options

18 x 14 Mesh – 18 holes per square inch by 14 holes per square inch.
20 x 20 Mesh – Often referred to as “no-see-um” screen. A tighter 20 holes per square inch by 20 holes per square inch.
Pet Screen – Heavy duty 18 x 14 mesh for protection against damage from animals. Made of strong, vinyl-coated polyester and infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection.
Glass Shield – Commonly referred to as “Florida Glass”, an 18 x 14 mesh coated on one side with a solid vinyl laminate. Great for keeping debris out of the pool area and also functions as a privacy screen.
Sunscreen – A ribbed-weave fiberglass product that offers substantial shading while allowing excellent outward visibility and improved daytime privacy. Very popular in White for Garage Sliders to provide privacy in the daytime, however, this effect is greatly reduced when backlit, such as in a pool enclosure. Available in White, or Black.

Has your screen seen better days? Tired of getting “bugged” in your pool area? Let the professionals at Accent Aluminum re-screen your enclosure the right way. Be sure to ask about FREE replacement door hardware with every pool enclosure re-screen. We can also replace your rusty screws with durable Ceramic, Zylon coated screws for a discounted price with your re-screen to bring your pool enclosure back to life.

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